Devinez Sandalwood Essential Oil

Devinez Sandalwood Essential Oil

Brand : Devinez

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Devinez Sandalwood Essential Oil

Description of Devinez Sandalwood Essential Oil:
Devinez Sandalwood Essential Oil of the plant genus Santalum, sandalwood is a slow-growing, semiparasitic tree native to South Asia, Oceania, and the islands of the South Pacific. With glossy green elliptical leaves and a root system that receives some of its nourishment from other living plants, sandalwood grows to a height of 33 feet and takes anywhere between 30 to 60 years to mature. It is highly prized for its long-lasting woody fragrance which is used in perfumes, soaps, flavorings, and incense. The variety of sandalwood grown in India, Santalum album, is considered “true” sandalwood, imparting a rich, sweet, creamy aroma.
Essential oil of sandalwood is steam-distilled from the roots and heartwood of the tree. As a rule, the older the tree is when it is harvested, the purer and stronger the essential oil will be when it is extracted.

Benefits of Devinez Sandalwood Essential Oil:
For Skin:
Sandalwood has long been known for its skin-friendly cleansing properties. It acts as a cicatrizant and soothes your skin. If you have ugly scars, blemishes, spots or eczema on your skin, this oil can help you get rid of those quickly and prevents recurrence. It is also an effective astringent that tones your skin and rejuvenates it perfectly. People with dry skin can bring their skin back to life with the help of this essential oil

Cures Skin Infections And Itching: The best benefits of sandalwood essential oil also include skin protection. The cooling effect of this oil can bring down the itchiness of the skin, and also help get rid of infections easily. Sandalwood oil is known to reduce inflammation and eruptions of the skin. Its non-sticky property makes it convenient for use in summer too. You can try sandalwood oil on the itchy skin as well. You can experience the soothing effect. Sandalwood oil reduces skin itching and has a calming effect on your skin.
Prevents Skin Aging: It is not easy to prevent your skin from aging. With age, our skin begins to show signs of aging. There are no doubt many brands claiming to keep your skin youthful. But most skin products are expensive and unaffordable.

Prevents Spasms: Using sandalwood oil as a massage oil can relax the stiff muscles caused by your sedentary lifestyle. And this works not only on the external level, but also surprisingly soothes the inner muscle walls and channels in the nose and organ system.

Used As An Antiseptic Agent: Sandalwood oil is being used as a wound healer since time immemorial because of its antiseptic properties.

Say ‘No’ To Body Odor: The beautiful aroma of sandalwood has made this essential oil an indispensable part of perfume brands. It is combined with skin care products, hair care products, and deodorants that help remove body odor. It also keeps you fresh and cool for long.

Drives Away Stress and Anxiety: A sound sleep is now a luxury, thanks to our hectic lifestyles and long hours of travel. But, giving up is never the solution. Try sandalwood oil. Mix it with coconut oil and use it for a good night’s sleep.

Keeps Bugs And Germs At Bay: Sandalwood oil can also play a good disinfectant. The distinct aroma of this oil can drive away pests as well as other microbes. Hence, it is used as a key ingredient in insect repellents, pesticides and the liquid used in evaporators for disinfecting vast areas. Mixing a few drops of this essential oil with body oil, body lotion or simple bathing water can keep your skin free from infections.

Blending: Bergamot, Black pepper, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh, Rose, Vetiver and Ylang-Ylang blend very nicely with sandalwood essential oil for aromatherapy uses.

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